Arts For Life Campaign


Photo provided by Arts for Life NC

A 10-hour sprint to strategize and design a fundraising campaign for youth in hospice.

Serving as Web Designer, Content Strategist, Design Moderator

In collaboration with Make a Mark Asheville, Eric Pieper, Katie Yancey, and Ethan Moore

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Landing Page

Landing Page designed in 2 hours for Arts for Life during the Make a Mark Make-a-Thon

The Situation

Arts for Life mission is to support pediatric patients and their families through treatment, with arts education and engagement. Arts for Life strives to incorporate art into the hospital setting through clinic art tables, bedside studios, art groups and special events.

In 2017, Arts for Life launched a #GetCreative/#GiveCreative campaign, recruiting supporters to share on social media how they “get creative” and encouraging friends and family to “give creative” by making a gift to Arts For Life. The nonprofit raised $11,000 with its inaugural campaign, and hope to build on this success and raise over $20,000 on July 27, 2018.

Arts for Life needed help with their #GetCreative #GiveCreative fundraising campaign. They asked for assistance with the campaign logo and graphics, copywriting and digital fundraising strategy. They also wanted help with a social media toolkit for fundraisers with a complementary landing page for the campaign.

The Task

Our team of 4 was tasked to strategize, design, and create the requested collateral in less than 10 hours. I was responsible for the website strategy, design, and development. I also provided the strategy for the content, social media angle, engagement, and design. We had never worked together before and came from varying schools of thought. We had three graphic designers and myself serving as an interaction designer and content strategist. We came together on June 26th and tasked out the goals and needs for the day.

The Action

8:30 AM – First things first, get organized.
We set up a slack channel, shared all our mood board inspirations, created Google Drive shared folders, and determined what do we want to accomplish by when. We decided on the general look and feel of the campaign and then got busy making logos until 10:30 am, where we reviewed. I was crafting slogans and campaign strategies that would motivate fundraisers.

Mood Board Sample

Gathering design inspiration for the project

10:30 AM – Review and Revise
Our team shared our design and content strategy and gave feedback. We had great feedback and revised the slogans and brand, with the landing page wireframe in time for our check-in with the client.


Landing page wireframe

Landing page rapid wireframe to convey content hierarchy

Noon – Share the Progress
We were excited and nervous to share our work with the Arts for Life founder. We had a strong idea of campaign direction and design, but not sure if she would like it. We shared our progress to the client and she was thrilled with the possibilities. What a relief!

Style Guide is Prepared

Style Guide is Prepared. Design credit: Eric Pieper

4 PM – Scramble mode
I had narrowed down the campaign headline and was busy getting the landing page designed and developed on WordPress. The rest of the team was putting together Social Media graphics, animations, posters, and the fundraiser toolkit. We had accomplished a whole lot as a team. With the appreciation and enthusiasm for each other, we released the untapped energy of creative possibilities.

Web Design

Screenshot of the designed and developed landing page

6 PM – Pizza and high fives
After 4 cans of La Croix and a lot of digging around for the right assets, I felt that the landing page, overall strategy, and campaign page looked pretty good. The team did a great job with the graphics and assembling our presentation for all the makers.

Make A Mark Team

Snapshots from the Make-a-Thon day

The Result

I could not be happier with the results of the Make a Thon! I continue to be bowled over by the quality and creativity of the work produced – in such a short amount of time! It’s like carbon under pressure (of only 8 hours!) that leads to brilliant diamonds. The experience of working with Greta and the Make A Mark team was a total dream… Having such a talented group of creative pros has been such a gift to our nonprofit. – Rachel Zink, Founder of Arts for Life

It was a dynamic day full of talent pouring their heart into the work at hand. We had the chance to present our work alongside the other organizations. The presentation wowed the audience and brought the client to near tears of excitement. I was so delighted to serve this fantastic organization and look forward to the results of the campaign. $20,000 in one day is very possible thanks to all the creative strategy for the Get Creative, Give Creative campaign.

Campaign Gif

Time to Get Creative!