Second Step IA Redesign and Migration

Evolving a 35-year old print product suite into a coherent online experience Serving as lead UX Designer and UX Researcher at Committee for Children The Challenge Second Step, Committee for Children’s flagship product, is over 35 years old. It is a comprehensive school program to teach Social-Emotional skills to students in Pre-K to 8th grade.…

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Mobilizing the 3Cs Impact Evaluation

Can a 2-day gathering help individuals take action on gnarly problems such as homelessness in Seattle? Client: Journalism that Matters | In collaboration with Praxis Associates Project Methods: Participatory practices Survey Design Participant Recruitment Interviews Complexity-informed Evaluation Data Analysis and Theming Evaluation Report and Layout Design The Challenge Seattle’s housing crisis is dire, complex, and…

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Baseball Lot aerial view

University Parking App

Helping commuting students park safely and get to class quicker with a lightweight mobile app. 

Manheim Poster

Manheim Auctions

An exclusive loyalty rewards app built on automation and strategic marketing. 


SuperHost Product Discovery

Automating post-management reservation to add freedom and mobility for both guests and super-hosts.

Landing Page

Arts For Life Campaign

A 10-hour sprint to strategize and design a fundraising campaign for youth in hospice.

Web Design Poster

Web Design and Development

Brand strategy, web design, web development samples.

Visual Design Hero

Visual Design & Branding

Print, branding, and graphic design samples.